Hello from a stranger

Hi guys *waves*

How has everyone been these past couple of months?

I realise the last time I posted was back in May. That’s pretty rubbish and I apologise to you all – well those who have missed me 😉 – but as my usual excuse goes, life has been busy and amazing and jam-packed and writing has taken a backburner for the moment. Back in May I told you all I got a new job, and I’ve been there nearly eight months now so that’s been a stressful few months as I work in events. Secondly, I’ve been with the boy, no denying that I don’t want to sit on a computer writing when I’m with him and thirdly, I sit at a computer all day and when I get home, I don’t want to sit at my laptop and write. So those are my excuses.

Now maybe the good news. I’ll have a week off during Xmas (I’m spending a few days in Copenhagen for NY) so I will have time on my hands to spend a few days with Matt and Mal and hopefully get a big chunk of their story down. I’d love to get it out sometime next year seeing as The Deal has now been out a year and I don;t want too much time  apart from them being released. So we’ll see. We’ll see what happens in a few weeks time.

I just hope you’ll stick  with me and when the time comes, love Matt and Mal like I do.



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New job.

Oops! This blog has definitely been left out for a few months but no worries, I am back…at least until the next time and who knows when that will be! HA.

Anyways, I am just posting to tell you know what after all my hard work searching for a FT job, after 7 months working 2 days a week for 3 hours at a major retail shop, I am freeeeee of them and I am now a full time working girl. That’s right, I have a 9-5 job, its to do with my degree and i LOVE IT!

I’ve been working there for two weeks now, and its so much fun. A complete shock to the system going from 2 days to five days but that will pretty soon become normal to me. It’s just a point of getting myself and my body into a routine.

The people i work with are amazing. I love them already. They are so nice, they are supportive and really strive to help you learn about the trade. It helps that I get along with them all too…as in my old job some of them looked down on me for unknown reasons.

But yes, 2013 is definitely my year. I feel it in my bones and I love being a part of this company. I love the people, I’m loving the job and fingers crossed this year looks up even more for me.

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Mailing List.

It’s been a while since I’ve updated my portfolio, apart from updating ‘My Work’ section.

The Book Lovers is slowly, but surely getting the recognition it deserves, in my opinion. Although traffic could be better, I have reinvented what the blog is about. When I started it back in October 2012, it was a blog where I would put my book reviews on. Recently, I have decided to make it much more than that. I want my site to be a place where book lovers can interact with me, and other people. I want other people to guest review books, to get the recognition they too, deserve. I’m going to have book tours, cover releases, hopefully author interviews and giveaways. To build this site from scratch and to make it popular within the book blogging community is something I am aiming for.

As I’ve mentioned, I am a casual book reviewer for Female First online magazine and recently I sent a review for On Dublin Street – Samantha Young to the site and retweeted the link on my Twitter site. A communication executive contacted me about the review and told me that when the next one is out ‘Down London Road’, she will send me it. I was exastate! My reviews were finally getting recognized by publishers. She then asked me if I wanted to join the mailing list. Of course i did!

Then yesterday another lady from the same company contacted me asking for my home address so she could send me books. HOLY MOLY! This is like my dream. So of course I sent her my home address. To be on this mailing list, it’s amazing and I’m privileged to be a part of it.

I have also applied for numerous work experience at publishing houses, in  London and New York and also applied for jobs in New York. I am hoping that 2013 is my lucky year and I finally get to have a job in which i love and get to spend my days with books.

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Gradually getting my brand out in the world.

More recently I have set up a Book Review website and a Twitter page linked to my site. As I’ve mentioned in my previous post, I am writing a book, which hopefully will be completed some time in the New Year as it has taken a back seat for a few months while I focus on my other love – Reading books.

With my Twitter page linked to my Website, every time I read a book and write a review, the review is instantly sent to my Twitter for all my followers to click on and read. Many people nowadays write reviews and there is a large online world of reviewers snapping up the new releases, many receiving ARC (advanced reader copies) books and interacting with Authors. I read and review for pleasure and didn’t think anything of asking for Arc copies, I just download the books that sound appealing to me but I do sent a tweet with a link to the author so they can check out my review of their books.

I found this one book a few weeks ago and reviewed it on my blog; its called MADversary. This author – Jade C. Jamison – found my review of her book and she loved it. She asked me if i wanted to review anymore of her books and i jumped at the chance. I had seen her books around on Amazon and Goodreads, but as a skint graduate, I hadn’t the money to buy them all, but she was kind enough to send me a few to read as she didn’t want to bombard me with all her books. She is an Indie author and she is a completely nice person to know and speak to and her books are amazing, so of course, i wanted to read them and spread the news about her and her books.

I then signed up to this website, where you write a paragraph about yourself and the type of books you read, along with contact information and now I’m getting requests left right and centre. Although many are not the type of books i read, its nice to know people want me to review their books.

I’ve more recently received an ARC copy of Lucy Robinson’s new book, which is out at the end of January and I’m also a book reviewer for the online magazine Female First too. You can check out my reviews on FF from the ‘My Work’ page.

From being unemployed and skint a few months ago, to having a (Xmas) job and doing something i love and having authors read and comment on my reviews… well, its been great, I can’t lie.

Hopefully my brand will be recognized even more next year, especially with Publishing Houses as my dream job is to work in publishing and with books!

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Branding. Part two.

My first blog post on my online portfolio was about branding and how important, for any career, it is to became a brand so people will recognize who you are whether in real life or on the online world.

As a Graduate Journalist, who is currently looking for employment, the important part of my brand at the moment is to continually update my blog – which the link can be found at the side of this post. Updating my blog as often as I can, will generate traffic towards my website, and the more people who look at my site, as well as hopefully sharing it with their friends, will quite possibly create followers, which in turn will make my brand expand and grow into something worth noticing.

As i have mentioned, on my online world my name is either shown as Zoe Pope or ZPope1 – which is the same for all my social media pages. I’ve kept this the same since the beginning, so when people do click on different links, found on Google or my social media pages then each page they click on, they will instantly know it belongs to me as my brand name will inform them.

I am hoping to brand my name with something other than being a Journalist. At the moment, I am currently re-writing old stories that I used to write when I was younger – which is how I got into wanting to be a Journalist. Although I must have been about 14/15 years old when most of these stories were badly written, I used to remember how excited and happy I would be when a new idea came to mind and i would instantly want to write about it. Baring in mind only one is fully written with a half written sequel (I must have really enjoyed that one), most of them, i feel, have the potential to be good books, if not great. So I’ve decided to rewrite the finished one whilst, of course, still looking for a job.

Hopefully, when finished, I’ll either self-publish or send off to publishers – fingers crossed, but if adding my name to a published book will boost up my brand, then it’s something that will begin to grow for me and hopefully lead me down the path of becoming a published author/Journalist in the near future.

My lecturers told us how important branding is and hopefully I can show them just exactly how right they were.

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October 22, 2012 · 7:37 pm

Please can I have a job?

Last month I graduated university with a Journalism degree. It was one of the happiest days of my life as I was pretty scared that graduating was not on my agenda – thankfully it was!

But now that university life is over, it’s time to start being a grown-up and applying for full-time employment – but that’s where there is a problem.

There are thousands, if not millions of graduates all in the same boat as me, many applying for the same jobs as me and many who are simply fed up of not getting reply’s off companies, if not just to say that we’re not compatible for the job– and it doesn’t help that after three years of living away, we are suddenly pushed back into the claustrophobic environment of living with our parents and abiding by THEIR rules after having so much independence at university.

Even before university had finished I was applying for many jobs so I could stay in Cardiff and not move back home, to which I had nothing back and that is the pretty depressing part of the working environment.

Now I’m back home living with my parents, and it’s been 2 months, hundreds of job applications filled in and sent back but how many do you think have got back to me? Only one and I’ve had an interview for that job.

Although I did not get it, I am grateful that it’s given me some kind of joy that people ARE looking at my CV and giving me a chance to prove that I could have what it takes to be a part of their company.

I appreciate that there are so many people who are in the same place as me, looking and searching for jobs that they either don’t want or are perfect for them, yet none of the companies get back to them, I just wish that the employment industry was less harsh on us graduates looking for jobs to start paying off the horrendous amount of student loans we have pilling up with interest.

Watching the Olympics at the start was a daily deal, but right at this moment, I’m slowly becoming bored and irritated staying at home all day, having no money with job links filling my internet search bars.

Please give pity to us poor graduates who are dying for some work and at least email us back with why we aren’t good enough for you!!

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Phone Hacking.

As you can tell from this blog, I am currently in my 3rd studying Journalism and beginning the onslaught of my dissertation and other major projects in hope that I graduation next year.

But since this one story has rocketed the news, I had to voice my opinions on it as many have done.
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