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As a journalist becoming a brand is highly important as it helps people to recognize who you are. With all my online social media pages my name is either shown as Zoe Pope or ZPope, which has always stayed the same since I have begun to blog and tweet so friends, fellow employees and online readers can distinguish who i am when clicking on different links within my blog to other pages that i have such as my Twitter and LinkedIn pages.

You can visit the Contact page to click on the links to my other blogs and my social sites as they are to help build up my portfollio online and build myself up to become a brand within the journalim world.

My picture on both the Twitter and LinkedIn sites are the same and I do this so people will easily begin to recognize me and it will build a familiarity within the online social and media circuit.

Most of my work that will be publish upon this site will include my best work on opinion pieces, travel pieces and TV and Radio pieces from University work that shows that i can write scripts as well as newspaper content.

I would love to break into the travel writing aspect of Journalism as i have a strong inerest in this area of journalism, so to become a brand within this area would be brilliant as i have an interest in going around the world and indulging in other cultures and so to be able to have a job in this part of the industry would be perfect for me.

Reading Mindy McAdams’ Journalists must build a brand: 10 tips I believe that with keeping my name the same on all pages, having my email as my name and posting links on your social sites so people can read your posts will gradually get people commenting and sharing the links on your blog to other blogs and their friends before gaining traffic and awareness from the online public.

I also believe to become a brand that i need to comment on other people’s blog and sites so when people click my name, they will be directed to my blog, creating more traffic and interest in the content upon it.


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