Phone Hacking.

As you can tell from this blog, I am currently in my 3rd studying Journalism and beginning the onslaught of my dissertation and other major projects in hope that I graduation next year.

But since this one story has rocketed the news, I had to voice my opinions on it as many have done.

One thing that has dedicated the headlines in every single paper and on every single news channel for the past few months is the New of the World hacking scandals.

When it was proved that private investigators hacked into celebrity and politicians phones, no one battered an eyelid apart from the person whose voice mail messages had been listen in to, but now that there are allegations that murder victims such as Milly Dowler, whose voice messages were hacked and deleted after they were full up making her family and friends think she was alive when they phoned her mobile and the terrorist victims from the 7/7 London bombings being hacked too, have reached a point where not only is it totally inappropriate but extremely disrespectful and appalling that someone would even think to do that.

The whole of the U.K have been glued to this story and absolutely disgusted at what such ‘journalists’ will do to get a story, especially a paper that has been around for more than 100 years and has already had to pay out millions of pounds to celebrities over the stories they print.

Not one to read NOTW, I do follow showbiz journalist Dan Wooton on the social networking site Twitter who had written his own personal reflection on this scandal where he mentions that he “feels sick about the hacking of anyone” and that he “would never even think about doing that or believe it is acceptable.”

Another journalist, Martin Lewis, who writes in the money section of NOTW has also written a blog piece about the hacking and has expressed that he will have a column for the last edition of the paper to write something of his feelings about the hacking and what is happening.

I feel as if this is a massive blow for journalists and journalism students across the whole of the U.K mainly because people have always been skeptical about journalists and their intentions but right now, in my opinion, journalists are so far down the food chain that it will take a whole lot for them to become trustworthy again in this society now that the NOTW have now given us a bad name.

Over the past few months I have been asking myself if being a journalist is what I truly want to be, and since reading about the NOTW it has brought up that question again. Uhming and ahhing over the prospect of now working a normal 9-5 job instead of long hours, not becoming the kind of journalist I have wanted to be for years (foreign correspondent) or not even getting a job in the media circuit, always being beaten to the spot.

Yet these might not even be a problem anymore as journalists in this country will probably never be liked or trusted again – with the public always wondering if there are many more reporters and investigative journalists out there hacking into more victims phones to get the latest gossip for their slimey story. With the closure of NOTW, let’s hope there are no other papers out there hacking away at people’s private lives and it was just the one paper who thought they could have gotten away with it.


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