Branding. Part two.

My first blog post on my online portfolio was about branding and how important, for any career, it is to became a brand so people will recognize who you are whether in real life or on the online world.

As a Graduate Journalist, who is currently looking for employment, the important part of my brand at the moment is to continually update my blog – which the link can be found at the side of this post. Updating my blog as often as I can, will generate traffic towards my website, and the more people who look at my site, as well as hopefully sharing it with their friends, will quite possibly create followers, which in turn will make my brand expand and grow into something worth noticing.

As i have mentioned, on my online world my name is either shown as Zoe Pope or ZPope1 – which is the same for all my social media pages. I’ve kept this the same since the beginning, so when people do click on different links, found on Google or my social media pages then each page they click on, they will instantly know it belongs to me as my brand name will inform them.

I am hoping to brand my name with something other than being a Journalist. At the moment, I am currently re-writing old stories that I used to write when I was younger – which is how I got into wanting to be a Journalist. Although I must have been about 14/15 years old when most of these stories were badly written, I used to remember how excited and happy I would be when a new idea came to mind and i would instantly want to write about it. Baring in mind only one is fully written with a half written sequel (I must have really enjoyed that one), most of them, i feel, have the potential to be good books, if not great. So I’ve decided to rewrite the finished one whilst, of course, still looking for a job.

Hopefully, when finished, I’ll either self-publish or send off to publishers – fingers crossed, but if adding my name to a published book will boost up my brand, then it’s something that will begin to grow for me and hopefully lead me down the path of becoming a published author/Journalist in the near future.

My lecturers told us how important branding is and hopefully I can show them just exactly how right they were.


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October 22, 2012 · 7:37 pm

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