Gradually getting my brand out in the world.

More recently I have set up a Book Review website and a Twitter page linked to my site. As I’ve mentioned in my previous post, I am writing a book, which hopefully will be completed some time in the New Year as it has taken a back seat for a few months while I focus on my other love – Reading books.

With my Twitter page linked to my Website, every time I read a book and write a review, the review is instantly sent to my Twitter for all my followers to click on and read. Many people nowadays write reviews and there is a large online world of reviewers snapping up the new releases, many receiving ARC (advanced reader copies) books and interacting with Authors. I read and review for pleasure and didn’t think anything of asking for Arc copies, I just download the books that sound appealing to me but I do sent a tweet with a link to the author so they can check out my review of their books.

I found this one book a few weeks ago and reviewed it on my blog; its called MADversary. This author – Jade C. Jamison – found my review of her book and she loved it. She asked me if i wanted to review anymore of her books and i jumped at the chance. I had seen her books around on Amazon and Goodreads, but as a skint graduate, I hadn’t the money to buy them all, but she was kind enough to send me a few to read as she didn’t want to bombard me with all her books. She is an Indie author and she is a completely nice person to know and speak to and her books are amazing, so of course, i wanted to read them and spread the news about her and her books.

I then signed up to this website, where you write a paragraph about yourself and the type of books you read, along with contact information and now I’m getting requests left right and centre. Although many are not the type of books i read, its nice to know people want me to review their books.

I’ve more recently received an ARC copy of Lucy Robinson’s new book, which is out at the end of January and I’m also a book reviewer for the online magazine Female First too. You can check out my reviews on FF from the ‘My Work’ page.

From being unemployed and skint a few months ago, to having a (Xmas) job and doing something i love and having authors read and comment on my reviews… well, its been great, I can’t lie.

Hopefully my brand will be recognized even more next year, especially with Publishing Houses as my dream job is to work in publishing and with books!


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