Mailing List.

It’s been a while since I’ve updated my portfolio, apart from updating ‘My Work’ section.

The Book Lovers is slowly, but surely getting the recognition it deserves, in my opinion. Although traffic could be better, I have reinvented what the blog is about. When I started it back in October 2012, it was a blog where I would put my book reviews on. Recently, I have decided to make it much more than that. I want my site to be a place where book lovers can interact with me, and other people. I want other people to guest review books, to get the recognition they too, deserve. I’m going to have book tours, cover releases, hopefully author interviews and giveaways. To build this site from scratch and to make it popular within the book blogging community is something I am aiming for.

As I’ve mentioned, I am a casual book reviewer for Female First online magazine and recently I sent a review for On Dublin Street – Samantha Young to the site and retweeted the link on my Twitter site. A communication executive contacted me about the review and told me that when the next one is out ‘Down London Road’, she will send me it. I was exastate! My reviews were finally getting recognized by publishers. She then asked me if I wanted to join the mailing list. Of course i did!

Then yesterday another lady from the same company contacted me asking for my home address so she could send me books. HOLY MOLY! This is like my dream. So of course I sent her my home address. To be on this mailing list, it’s amazing and I’m privileged to be a part of it.

I have also applied for numerous work experience at publishing houses, in  London and New York and also applied for jobs in New York. I am hoping that 2013 is my lucky year and I finally get to have a job in which i love and get to spend my days with books.


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