New job.

Oops! This blog has definitely been left out for a few months but no worries, I am back…at least until the next time and who knows when that will be! HA.

Anyways, I am just posting to tell you know what after all my hard work searching for a FT job, after 7 months working 2 days a week for 3 hours at a major retail shop, I am freeeeee of them and I am now a full time working girl. That’s right, I have a 9-5 job, its to do with my degree and i LOVE IT!

I’ve been working there for two weeks now, and its so much fun. A complete shock to the system going from 2 days to five days but that will pretty soon become normal to me. It’s just a point of getting myself and my body into a routine.

The people i work with are amazing. I love them already. They are so nice, they are supportive and really strive to help you learn about the trade. It helps that I get along with them all too…as in my old job some of them looked down on me for unknown reasons.

But yes, 2013 is definitely my year. I feel it in my bones and I love being a part of this company. I love the people, I’m loving the job and fingers crossed this year looks up even more for me.


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